• A selection of BRAAI packages to choose from.
  • Price: R250.00 Quantity:
    Braai utensils, cutlery and the fire Garlic Bread
    Marinated chicken kebabs
    Boerewors in chakalaka sauce
    Potato Salad
    Garlic Butter Corn on the Cob
    Salad greens topped with cocktail tomatoes, ricotta cheese, marinated onions and sprouts
    Chocolate Brownies
  • Price: R250.00 Quantity:
    Beef biltong
    Beef droewors
    Chilly bites
    Assorted cheeses
    Bottle of wine
  • Price: R220.00 Quantity:
    Cocktail beef meatballs & Greek cucumber dip
    BBQ chicken wings & Blue cheese dipping sauce
    Something sweet
    Bottle of wine
  • Price: R180.00 Quantity:
    Marinated feta and blue cheese
    Mediterranean vegetarian wrap
    Vegetarian Samosas
    Bottle of wine
  • R0.00